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Donor Impact Campaign 

Direct Mail & Digital Components


Creative/Art Director: Emily Kelley

Illustration & design: Nate Moore


Engage donors and communicate the impact of their contributions in a unique and memorable way. This year-long, multi-channel campaign aimed to capture attention, spark curiosity, and ultimately inspire continued support for the mission.


Incorporate seemingly unrelated words and imagery that, upon closer inspection, reveal connections to Mercy Housing's mission, services, and impact areas.

Create vibrant, eye-catching graphics to command attention and integrate compelling testimonials and quantifiable metrics to illustrate the real-world impact of donors' contributions. 



Impact: Highlight the tangible outcomes made possible by donors' support, emphasizing the difference they make in the lives of those served by Mercy Housing.

Partnership: Showcase Mercy Housing's innovative approach to addressing the social determinants of health and achieving sustainable impact, positioning donors as instrumental in this ongoing journey.

Gratitude: Express heartfelt appreciation for donors' generosity and commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community.




This creative twist on the traditional Mercy Housing brand added an element of intrigue that encouraged deeper engagement. strengthened community connections, and inspired ongoing support for our mission-driven work. Donors and community members were highly engaged with digital components, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the direct mail pieces.

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