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2022 Annual Report

Creative/Art Direction: Emily Kelley

Graphic Design: Kirsten Halffield

Website: Emily Kelley


Instead of the traditional approach to annual reports that focus on financial achievements and reporting data, we shifted the focus of the community report to our vision of creating affordable homes and inspiring dreams by working with residents and partners to establish engaged, strong, and inclusive communities.



Feature bright and engaging photos against a muted color palette to convey the warmth and vibrancy people bring to their communities. Incorporate subtle arrows to reinforce forward motion. Use compelling narratives to bring Mercy Housing's impact to life, showcasing real-life examples of transformation and empowerment. Use a non-standard page size to give the report a modern, high-end look that will stand out against traditional annual reports. 



Highlight the transformative impact of Mercy Housing's work on individuals and families and the larger communities in which we serve. 

Showcase stories of resilience and positive change facilitated by Mercy Housing's programs and services.

Emphasize the importance of collaboration and partnerships in achieving goals.



Print Version: A high-quality 28-page printed report suitable for distribution to donors, stakeholders, and community members.


Digital Version: An interactive digital version optimized for online viewing and sharing across digital platforms.


Direct Mail: Postcards mailed to regional donors and stakeholders at a lower cost than mailing the printed report. 

Digital Marketing: Email and social media content to drive engagement and traffic to the digital version.

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