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2014 —

My journey at Mercy Housing, the nation's largest nonprofit affordable housing developer, began in 2014 with a focus on digital marketing. Quickly realizing the potential to expand our creative capabilities, I embarked on a mission to build a versatile in-house team that could rival external agencies while staying closely attuned to our organization's unique needs.

I led the implementation of a robust project management system that revolutionized our workflow, quadrupling our capacity to support company initiatives. As our creative team flourished, I shifted gears to focus on nurturing creative talent and integrating cutting-edge marketing technologies. This included introducing tools like HubSpot for seamless content management and a digital asset system that made our vast archive more accessible than ever before.

One of my proudest accomplishments was democratizing design through Canva Teams, empowering over 1,700 staff members to create professional, brand-aligned materials while ensuring consistency across the board.

Collaborating closely with senior leadership, I helped shape strategic initiatives and crafted compelling communication strategies for partnerships with healthcare organizations and government agencies.

Throughout this journey, I've been driven by a passion for both creativity and strategic impact. From implementing martech solutions to establishing a pivotal marketing function, every step has been guided by a commitment to excellence and innovation.


Adobe Creative Suite
Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Commercial Photography
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Copy writing
Creative Project Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Lead generation 
People & Team Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Video Editing
Web Design & Development


Bachelor of Arts in Photography & Design, California State University, Sacramento

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